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Ooo seen in the space

Ooo is a SERIOUSLY strange land where nearly every person has some sort of freaking power and where there is s kingdom for nearly everything. Anyone who stays in who stays in Ooo for a day transforms into something. Ooo was created for the simple reason of being the universe's highest drug production place ever.

It even beats a Spring Break party in Florida. Fucking Florida! That should be impossible but Ooo has a found a way to do so.

Getting there

The only way to enter Ooo is to use 22 packs of LSD. Why LSD? Because. The place looks like someone just did LSD or some other drug. Alternatively, if you die from an overdose of Viagra pills, you can also get here. In other words, pull a Peter Griffin.


The people here are weird, but not as weird as You

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Princess Bubblegum and all the other weird ass princesses
  • The Ice King
  • Other strange and unnamed people.
  • Anyone who uses LSD

Sub Kingdoms

The Land of Ooo has other kingdoms that are just as stupid:

  • Ice Kingdom
  • Candy Kingdom
  • Fire Kingdom
  • Several other unnamed kingdoms and weird ass sub kingdoms
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