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Lickboot is an idiotic and greedy antagonist from Tom and Jerry Movie from 1992. He is known for his phrase that express his ambition and craze for money.

Early life

Lickboot was born to a mentally challenged prospector and his gold digger wife, who was both metaphorically and literally a gold digger. When he was born he crawled to his parents feet and began to lick their shoes. They decided to name their child Lickboot. Lickboot had a rough childhood. When he was growing up his parents wouldn't let him interact with other kids, being afraid he'd do something to make them want to sue him. Lickboot then at an early age, after being inspired by his parents, decided to become a lawyer. Lickboot then spent the rest of his childhood studying law. He eventually thought that he could make money out of his parents so by the time he turned eighteen he sued his family for all their money and he won. Ever since then he became an official lawyer.


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  • Lickboot obsession for the money originated as a child when a certain robot told him the advantages of money and since that day, Lickboot is an idiotic greedy.
  • Lickboot had a rivalry with The Coachman for many years, but they proclaimed peace temporarily when Botticelli won the title of being the most greedy. However, the coachman was murdered later and Lickboot is still attacking the rat.