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Light Yagami
Full Name 夜神月 (Yagami Raito)
Aliases (The First) Kira
God (神様, Kami-sama)
God of the New World
(Light) Imagay
Knock-off (by Black & Zamasu)
Background Information
Status Anime: Deceased

YTP Universe: Alive (revived)

Nationality Japanese (formerly)
Occupation Pre-timeskip (anime): College student

Post-timeskip (anime): Detective YTP universe: Serial killer

Alignment Evi... JUSTICE!!!
Appearances Death Note (manga/anime)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Physical Description
Species Human??? (Why the question marks, you ask? See Trivia below.)
Gender Male
Age 23 years old (presumed immortal due to Ganon's magic)
Hair Color Light-brown
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Brown (formerly)
Height 5' 10½" (179 cm)
Weight 119 lbs (54 kg)
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Ryuk (formerly)
Misa Am... No!!!
Duke Onkled
Moar Krabs
Enemies L (Took care of him. Next!)
NEAR (must Die!!!)
Ryuk (will pay for betraying me!)
Eren Yeager (knock-off [Screw you!])
Star Butterfly (knock-off [Screw you!])
Dartz (knock-off [Screw you!])
Goku Black & Future Zamasu (knock-offs [And... Screw you!])
Viacom Inc. (must Die!!!)
People who don't worship me (must Die!!!)
Date Joined

"I'm a hardworking honors student who's considered
to be one of Japan's best and brightest.
And II will become the God of this new world."

– Light's quote in the anime's first episode

Light Yagami (also known as Imagay) is a murderous and delusional psychopath who wants to become a God by getting rid of all the bad people in the YTP Universe by using the Death Note. His anime and manga counterparts are dead (sorry/not sorry for the spoilers), but this one is still alive and will do anything in order to become the God of the YTP Universe. He is currently the most wanted criminal, with Yuno being a close second. He was nicknamed Light Imagay by Ganon after reversing his last name.

(Short) Background

Imagay is the revived version of his anime counterpart, because he was resurrected by Ganon at the time where his YTP and anime universes crossed for a short period of time. Thankful for his revival, he later went into a murderous rampage after his new lord and master sent him free. His whereabouts are unknown, but it was reported that he has killed over 4.837.381 people in the universe so far. Imagay would also work with Moar Krabs most of the time.

Likes And Dislikes


  • People who worship him
  • The Death Note
  • Becoming a God (which is an insult to Black and Zamasu)
  • His Anime and Manga Counterpart (They're awesome!)
  • Taking a Potato Chip (AND EATING IT!!!)
  • Ganon (master and ally)
  • Hectan (comrade and ally)
  • Duke Onkled (comrade and ally)
  • Moar Krabs (ally)



  • It has been theorized that Ganon turned Light into a Shinigami because of some very interesting clues:
    • Light looks like his 23-year-old self, despite being 32 chronologically.
    • Light's eyes are now red, instead of brown.
    • A creature/shinigami who looks exactly like Light, has been seen wandering the dark corners of the internet. Here is his picture:

An unknown entity spotted.