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Lightning Mcqueen since Cars 3

Lightning McQueen (also known as Lightning McQueer) is the main antagonist of Lightning McQueer and the Quest for Tires. He is a rookie recent manufacture, bearing the number 95 perhaps because of his year of manufacture, which would see he is 11 years. Just a puber getting involved with veterans. Almost seems Kurumada idea. He also likes to say naughty words.


Lightning McQueen mention "The Manufacturer", who seems to destination owner of the cars, the Alpha Romeo and Chevrolet Omega, the beginning and the end. The Creator. He is very likely that the "Manufacturer" be a Quintesson who left Cybertron Transformers project to do their own experiments. Surely not missing those who say that cars evolved from floats and spend their lives looking for evidence that there was ever lost Batmóvil.

The police Radiation Endless also mentions San Goliath, and apparently that employer rivaled San Dungueo worship, so that at the end of the film contains the group of nazis. It is believed to be the parallel of our San ITY blessed.

How McQueen won the piston cup

The final race of the Piston Cup Begins where three cars seem the most likely winners: The King (Ric Flair) Hick Chick (Chick Hicks), and Queen Lightning (Lightning McQueen) better known as "the Lightning ".

After a pileup in a scene that looked like "Final Destination" with a balance of a few wounded and several dead, The Ray manages to take a great advantage, but not to change his tires because he had caught fond of accumulated grime. On the last lap the tires decide to commit suicide and Lightning loses the advantage, to the point of having to remove the language to score the victory.

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Or not?

In the real time line, Lightning McQueen lost the piston cup to Captain Falcon, then an enraged McQueen decided to travel in the time in Superman's style, thanks to this, Lightning McQueen won the Piston Cup but unfortunately something happened and he discovered that he had committed a fatal error, by reversing time to allow himself to win the championship, Lightning McQueen was never motivated to turn back time in the first place. This chronological tangent means that Lightning CAN NEVER WIN.


Nothing is known about Lightning McQueen's whereabouts, the only thing known about his case is that he is still trapped in the paradox and he can never get out of there. McQueen's destiny is perhaps the death by his own hand and his own greed to win the Piston Cup. Captain Falcon is the only one who can save him from the paradox but he does not like him and does not want to save him. It's likely however he's been crushed in a scrapyard already.

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