Below is a list of YouTube Poop collaborations that have been released in 2013.

Collab Name Collab Host Release Date
Paper Kirby iDuckFilms April 2nd
One Second 7 NationofOranges696 April 5th
Five Seconds SourceBoss April 7th
Two Seconds 4 DanTheYTPMan1 April 27th
Thomas the Tank Engine 3 cartoonlover98 May 11th
Free Source NationofOranges696 July 5th
Two Seconds 5 plasticfishtank July 15th
Five Seconds 2 SourceBoss July 15th
Sentence Mixing ytp July 22nd
Weirdness GabrielCol595 July 22nd
Ten Seconds 5 LightningLuigi August 1st
Ten Seconds The One Man Box Office August 4th
Scrambled/Ear Rape 2 NationofOranges696 August 9th
Logo HomerAlltheWay August 20th
Two Seconds 6 Orman90 August 20th
One Effect plasticfishtank September 6th
Eleven Seconds HomerAlltheWay September 11th
Animaniacs iDuckFilms September 28th
Seven Seconds ParentTheTennisGuy September 28th
Random Poop HomerAlltheWay October 6th
AygoMedia Reacts SarevoltheClown October 8th
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