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Loaf Bloke is a former character from Donut Repair Club, now an popular meme. Oh, and did I forget to mention he's also the son of Satan?

It maybe looks cute,but it actually wants to fuck you soo hard.


Loaf Bloke was born in Hell,he was one of Satan's sons.His brothers through he was wimpy,but he can destroy the whole YTP world,but he prefers to stay in his bloke form.His brothers call him "a thing", since he is loaf.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Satan (father)
  • Rape
  • Sex


  • Pornography
  • Being John Cena


  • His brothers
  • Being dominated by a gibus Pyro in TF2
  • Being hated


Since 1999,the Loaf Bloke went missing,it was presumed to run away in an forest,and kill and rape those who dare to enter the forest.The legend also says he dosent give a fuck about those MLG noscopers.

Entering his lair

If you enter his forest/lair,you will first find a piece of paper,saying "Don't turn around.",if you don't turn around,you may continue,if you turn around,the loaf will jumpscare you and rape you do death.Next,you will find an table with spaghetti,if you decide to eat it,an horde of Luigi's will jump at you and rip you apart.If you decide NOT to eat it,you will just continue.LAST but not LEAST,the cave.When you enter the cave,a giant door will block the exit.Loaf Bloke will reval himself,and then he'll fuck the shit out of you.