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Full Name Luigi Mario
Background Information
Status Alive
Likes Dib Membrane both of them are paranormal investigators

Fat Mario Lotsa Spaghetti Spaghetti in general Link Tails The King Zelda Impa D**ks PINGAS Princess Daisy former girlfriend Stocking girlfriend You Himself Donkey Kong Captain Falcon Sonic not always Men

Dislikes Dr. Rabbit Wario Waluigi Malleo Weegee Bowser Walleo Walweegee Yushee Being called gay The Red Guy Girls and Womans Ice King Fake Spaghetti Sonic Suprises George Tecay Louie
Nationality Italian American
Occupation Plumber
Mushroom Kingdom Hero
Alignment Good
Source Super Mario Bros.
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 40
Hair Color Brown/Black
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Mario (Brother)

Princess Daisy (Girlfriend)

Friends Yoshi
Date Joined

"Nice of the Princess to invite us to a picnic, Gay Luigi?"
Fat Mario

Luigi (born October 11, 1981 age 40) is one of the five main forms of Luigi. He appears in several games in the series but his most respected appearance was in Hotel Mario along with his brother, Mario. Luigi is the god of Spaghetti He is one of the main YTP characters and is the younger brother of mario & lover of toadsworth.

He is the god to Dib Membrane.


Derp Luigi

Luigi is weak as hell man, but can be a little helpful. For no reason, he sometimes randomly says Spaghetti. He loves spaghetti. His favorite hobbie is to kick a yellow box until a beanstalk comes out of it. He also says, for no reason 'You You You You got got gotta help us. At age 3, he was given his first green suit and a blue overall, it was noted early on that Luigi wanted to pursue plumbing the crap out of toilets, because he liked the s***, and by his express desire to earn a salary of 14 figures like his brother, who got a time with Peach not for his work.

Sad History


At 15, Luigi organized the party more memorable of mushroom kingdom, he even appeared on MTV, earning the reputation Luigi GMQ Gay spoiled teenager. Shortly after Luigi's voice was intensifying, acquiring an effeminate tone, walking like a retarded, he got a mustache, and some say that even had her first period This is not safe, is believed to be a rumor started by Sonic, the anarchist hedgehog, to destroy the gay ambitions of Luigi, calling him a transsexual.


Luigi began to make sleepovers, along with Toad, the guy with mushroom penis head, and Yoshi, the dinosaur robagalletas, nobody knows what happened in those late night parties, presumably Luigi, Toad began a relationship, which ended abruptly when he discovered the relationship zoofílica Luigi and Yoshi, which, in turn, ended because Luigi kept a secret relationship with Peach the b****.

The Picnic

When Fat Mario and  Luigi are invited to a picnic by Princess Peach, Bowser and The Koopalings take over the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap the princess. The whole thing was actually scripted, and  Luigi and the other were paid actors. The film itself, simply called Hotel Mario, was so bad that a gang of wizards made a breach between the YTP World and the Real World, causing Hotel Mario to be released as a game on the real world console, the Phillips CD-i. Fat Mario and  Luigi, then obsolete and hated due to the film's failure in the YTP world, went to Hyrule. He also shitted a fair lot in Hyrule. Not sure if he was constipated. He, and Fat Mario, made friends with Captain Falcon.

Luigi's Mansion

In 2001, Luigi experienced a severe economic depression, so he set about making a reality show, which was documented in a game for Gamecube, under the name Luigi's Mansion. In the game, Luigi was going to clean the house of the ghosts while they are fornicating with Mario. In the mansion he found thousands of porn magazines and masturbate consoled when he was alone in a room.

King of Mushroom Kingdom

Luigi later became the king of the Mushroom Kingdom after the Princess went to vacations to Arabia. His first act was to ban her from the nation. Also this title was granted when in a kart race in which he went 8 and the first 2 meters of the target managed to grab a Starman, 10 mushrooms, 43 automatic red shells guided by the plague armpit, slipped the lay ahead with banana peels and end Luigi finished the race in the first place.

Relation to Papyrus

At one point, Mario and Luigi sold their souls to The Red Guy. After trying for hours to find the use for these souls, he finally pawned them off at a GameStop. He later made a movie about this story called 101 Uses for the Souls of Italian Plumbers. The souls were traded over and over again from one con man to the next. Finally, at the end of the 24th century, Asgore acquired these souls in a game of Rummy because no one involved in the card game was smart enough to play Poker, thinking they would qualify as human souls that he could use to shatter the barrier. Years later, Asgore gave Mario and Luigi's souls to one W.D. Gaster. Gaster used Mario's soul and Luigi's soul to create Sans and Papyrus respectively. Sans and Papyrus don't have the memories, intelligence, or personality of their counterparts, but in Sans's case, this could be considered an upgrade considering Mario's history.




  • I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!
  • Over there!
  • You bring a light?
  • It's that creepy Bowser's laugh!
  • You gotta help us!
  • Go to Hell
  • I hope you go to Hell!
  • Shut up before I stab you
  • She's not coming down!
  • F*** you, GO TO HELL!
  • There's fire!
  • If we. PERSUADE him!
  • Who stole my spaghetti!?
  • You can go to hell mario


  • Luigi has many alternative versions of himself.
    • Gay Luigi: His name comes from Fat Mario. Fat Mario said Eh Luigi but is interpreted as Gay Luigi
    • Mama Luigi: His name comes from Mario. Mario abused from Luigi calling him Mama Luigi for proposed to take care of Yoshi.
    • Weegee: His name comes from Mario is Missing. Weegee goes beyond the 2 previously mentioned, he was a maniac demon wanting kill people with their deadly gaze. Later, Weegee became a hero.
    • Luigi road rage: Lugi has his own version of the death stare, but instead of turning people into him he makes people do epic fails on mario kart. the face looks like this --> >:|
    • Emo Luigi: His name comes from Luigi's Mansion. Emo Luigi is a dork compared to the other Šversions and always is trying to commit suicide when nobody is watching him.
    • Mr. L: Mr. L is when Luigi turned evil after creating Luigi Doll clones, he was stopped by Mario and SMG4 when they destroyed the cloning machine.
  • Luigi once ate so much spaghetti to the point where it made his leg muscles spaghetti springs and allowed him to jump really high.
  • Luigi was actually the first ever YouTube-Poop character shown in the first YouTube Poop, created by SuperYoshi in 2004.


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