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Full Name
Aliases Ganon
Background Information
Hometown Koridai
Status alive
Likes Ganon, slave Koridians
Dislikes The King, Hyrule, Link
Nationality Hyrulian
Occupation General
Alignment Evil
Appearances Zelda CDI the faces of evil
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Wolf
Gender female
Age 27
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level 150
Enemies Link, King Harkinian, Gownam, Fari, Zelda, Morshu
Date Joined

"I spy with my eyes someone who must die!"


Lupay is a minion of Ganon who enslaves Koridians by cursing them with Rubies, replacing their souls and turning them into Moblins.

Lupay is often confused with a man because of his physique. This causes her great annoyance and therefore anger problems that have led her to prison more than once.

Lupay hates the king and Hyrule in general because when he was little the king massacred his family because they stole a little dinner since they were hungry and they had nothing. From that day Lupay vowed revenge and joined Ganon to get it.

In his childhood Lupay lived in the shit, since his parents were vagabonds.

Lupay had a boyfriend named Lupo. He died when he ate a poisoned rat. Lupay had depression for 5 months.

She was born in 1990, a time in which the kingdom of Hyrule went through a cruel tyranny imposed by the King. That is one of the reasons why his family was outcast. The king raised taxes to eat more and more dinner at the expense of the inhabitants of his kingdom.


Lupay moved to Koridai hoping to get a job and she found Ganon. Ganon offered him power to avenge his parents, and then she accepted.

During his stay in Koridai he lived in the palace of Ganon where he was one of the generals of his army. Despite Ganon's dark intentions, Lupay felt loved in that place and did not regret having made the decision to join Ganon.

Lupay after stealing a diamond to sell it for food

The only reason that drives Lupay to continue living is to see one day with his own eyes the death of the king at the hands of Ganon. For now, she is content to be useful to Ganon.

Ganon provided incredible powers with those who enslave the Koridians. She does not seem to feel empathy for anyone except Ganon.

He does not usually talk about his past with anyone, not even Ganon knows him.

Ganon is sealed

Once Ganon was defeated and sealed by Koridai's book, Lupay fled from Koridai and posed as a normal citizen of Hyrule. Lupay worked at Ipo's bookstore and earned the bread honorably.

Lupay, however, concealed some very dark intentions. To revive to Ganon so that this finished with the king of Hyrule. Lupay is still working there, but he is waiting patiently for the day to bring Koridai's book to Ipo so he can decipher his secrets. Then she will steal it and free Ganon when there is no one in sight.


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