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M. Bison A.K.A The neighbor who always asks for water for his flowers while wearing a cleavage (born May 6, 1960, age 61) is a character from Street Fghter II that is popular on YouTube Poop due to his famous line "Yes....YES...!!!"

He is also recognized by his quote in Street Fighter: The movie "OF COURSE!"



M. Bison is a tyrant obsessed with possessing all the mustard of countries beyond the seas. His other goal is recruit more followers to capture Ryu, known homosexual and communist, to experiment with him on the mutant human conductivity and the possible uses of the human body from the reds to replace high voltage cables.


His efforts so far had few successes as their attempts to write a book without including every three lines in the expression "FUCK YEAH!!!", very frequent expression in him released as soon as you have time to think things relaxed. That is why seeing a documentary channel he met Ryu and his master. Fat Minecraft Original (SkyDoesMinecraft)


Bison's "YES" face.

That made him see the light: when he finished with everybody who crossed in his road, Bison would stay with his reserves of mustard (and being the first consumer in the world), becoming the absolute monopoly of the mustard around the world. This points to the same tournament that Ryu Street Fighter Championship of Shell City to capture him, stealing his mustard, begin to be performed on the world market and then discarded the rest of his life, laughing like a maniac thinking that everything is belongs to him. Bison's real name is Vega, but we named him as "The King of Mustard" in Japan and Germany.


He was arrested on October 4, 2008 due to challenging Lefou, Gaston's friend to a drag race. Lefou was not answered during Bison's arrest. The following year he killed Billy Mays by telling him to hit himself on the head with a hammer 29 times.



M. Bison YES! YES! (Original Video)


  • M. Bison was the neighbor of the Prophet of Truth who always asked for water for his flowers while he was wearing a cleavage.