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Malleo was the brother of Weegee and founder of the Toast Club in the Mushroom Kingdom. At first Malleo and Weegee were best friends, but then the two turned against each other over some spaghetti. It should be noted that Malleo was equally as creepy and unsettling as Weegee is.


After Malleo and Weegee turned on each other, even not proven, Weegee killed Malleo, and turned his body into the toastiest of toast. Tasty!

Coming back to life and joining the UMA

Lanky Kong revived Malleo a time later. The dark god of torment then promised Malleo that if he worked for him in Lanky Land, he would once again live. Malleo then agreed, and Lanky brought Malleo and his brother Weegee to the world of the living once more.


The evolution of Malleo

Nowadays, Malleo is the actual vice-president of his own house because Walleo is the actual owner. He is constantly told by Walleo to pay the taxes or else he'll die, but Malleo knows the government has some spaghetti business with Walleo. Although Spaghetti there isn't as good as the one they serve in Mushroom Kingdom, Malleo prefers it because it smells like Jon Arbuckle's meatballs.

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