Mama Luigi title card

The episode's title card.

Mama Luigi - Reversed

Mama Luigi - Reversed

"Mama Luigi" is the thirteenth and final episode of the low budgeted Super Mario World cartoon. It is one of the most widely used sources of YouTube Poop clips. To this day it has sprung off a load of memes like "Bagel" in the world of poop.


Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi

The episode starts with Luigi taking Yoshi to bed, and Yoshi asks him to tell him how he found him. The story begins with King koopa somehow managing to get into Dome City, and ambushes Mario. Koopa Football Players (Chargin' Chuck in the SNES game) kidnap Princess Toadstool, and Luigi is knocked into a deep pit by a Fire Sumo (Sumo Bro. in the SNES game). After Luigi collected a Magic Balloon, he floated on a skull-strewn raft over the river of lava and approached an area with several blocks. Luigi hit them, and out of one of them came a Yoshi egg. The egg hatches, and the baby Yoshi believes Luigi is his mama, making the Mario, Sonic, the Eds, and Friends crap had all begun.


Mama Luigi is one of the most widely used video sources for YTP and YTPMVs. It's considered a gold mine for sentence mixing and old gags by veteran users like Deepercutt.

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Notable Quotes

  • -That's MAMA Luigi to you, Mario! *Wheeze*
  • -Or, is it the bagel?
  • -I fell for hours!
  • -Nothing below me but BOILING LAVA!
  • -Good thing I found a Magic Balloon!
  • -Luckily, a Skull Raft came by!  It was good medicine for me!
  • -Mario was attacked by an evil Koopa Wizard, and a MAGNUM BILL!!!
  • -And I found myself face to face... With a Fire Sumo!
  • -Huh?
  • -Koopa Football players grabbed the Princess!
  • -Yeah, well I didn't think it was so funny..
  • -Quantum physics is fun.
  • -Child Support could add up fast...
  • -Now I know how a meatball feels!
  • -Mama?  Mama Luigi?  AHAHAHAHAH!
  • -Alright, Koopa!  Release the Princess or Yoshi here will eat your castle piece by piece until we find her!


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