Mario and Luigi vs. Scatman D8 is what the author CraaazyCat13 calls one of the weirdest poops on YouTube.


In Hyrule, Link tells King Harkinian it's boring in Hyrule. The king then rips off his face, revealing himself as John Larkin, the Scatman! Scatman has replaced Harkinian as king of Hyrule! Link prays for Jesus to save him. Jesus says no and Scatman laughs. He then reveals he wants to crucify Link! But before that, he watches the old Mario Bros. TV show. Then he orders for Link to be crucified. Link screams, making Mario and Luigi hear it. Scatman walks out, killing a girl. Mario says that Link must be saved. Scatman starts firing a cannon at them. Mario holds a mirror to dodge a blast, which shoots back at the cannon, destroying it, and knocking Satman into the ocean. They find Link, who says the Brothers saved him. But before they celebrate, Scatman comes back up and says he'll kill them. Mario pulls out toast, throws it at Scatman, and he falls to his death. Mario and Luigi laugh. (and then blow up)






King Harkinian



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