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Mark Krump is a singer and drug abuser. He is known for singing the infamous Rainbow Road Song which became a YTP in 2008.

Early Life

Not much is known about his early life but we do know that when he was six he got into his dad's weed, which made him high. The next day, he was expelled from school in the 2nd Grade after attempting to punch a girl in his class due to him being stoned.

Rise to Fame

In 1994,He started selling drugs to local drug users. A year later, he was the most popular drug dealer in California. However by 2001, he stopped selling drugs. Six years later after getting stoned, He decided to sing a song about Rainbow Road which he posted to Youtube in 2008. The depressed man in the back was actually a drug user of Krumps, marjuiana. The same year a YTP was posted which fucked the song up to make it sound like somebody was doing coke. As of 2014 it has about 100,000,000 veiws and is now a meme. After his Rainbow Road song Krump stopped singing and countinued to abuse marjuiana.

Drug Abuse

When he was six, Krump started doing weed from a pipe and got stoned. By twenty,he was fully abusing the drug. He was a former drug dealer from 1994 - 2001 he not only specialized in weed but cocaine,heroine and meth as well. In 2008, He was higher than ever, which is why he made the Rainbow Road Song. In 2013, he stopped doing weed and was living a fresh life. As of 2014, he has fully quit the drug but suffers from wheezing,A lot like Mama Luigi.


  • His 2nd Grade teacher would call him "FuckUpMcShitHead" because he would act a fool in class.
  • Krump made a cameo in Spingebill travels Half the Globe for a Hat.
  • Krump got laid twice when he was 21.
  • Krump's Grandfather was a rapist, however he died after he got raped by Mike Tyson.