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Mars (Nickname: Commander Flatsy) is one of the Team Galactic officer in charge of monitoring and ordering around grunts. Her rival is Jupiter who has an attractive, womanly figure unlike Mars who is only 5 feet tall and has a-cup breasts.


Mars was born in the Kanto region to Giovanni and Ariana through the timely rupture of a Chinese condom. Like her brother, Silver, she was raised in the Rocket daycare and rarely saw her parents. She met her friendly rival Jupiter in middle school whom she would compete with for dates. Mars is a talented actor and was selected to play lead roles in the school plays, even starring alongside Saturn. Jealous, Jupiter decided to humiliate Mars on stage by rigging the ceiling to dump various body fluids on the actress. Mars went crazy and attacked the audience until she was sedated.

After graduation, Mars pursued a career as a professional performer by auditioning for a movie, only to find herself in a private auditioning session with none other than Harvey Weinstein. Not ready to give up, Mars tried make herself more appealing by she cutting off the arms of a Ditto and going to a surgeon to have them implanted, this didn't work and it only made her voice even more high pitched and nasally than before.

Team Galactic

One day, Mars crossed paths with Saturn again and was invited to join Team Galactic with him and Jupiter. Mars and was instantly given the position of Commander since Saturn and Jupiter put in a good word for her. Her job involves directing the newer recruits and ensuring that the death tolls are minimal. She is everyone's least favorite of the commanders and is the butt of many jokes, which only fuels her nasty attitude.

The most distinguishing moment of Mars' career was her role in finally taking down Cynthia and exposing the champion as a pedophile. Steve Haines, a good friend of TG, teamed up with Mars in a sting operation that involved fooling Cynthia into thinking that Mars was a clueless 10 year old girl and catching the kiddie fucker in the act. With her grating voice and underdeveloped body, Mars nailed it. Cyrus awarded her with a personal helicopter, but two random grunts stole it and crashed it.