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Sakurai doesn't care that you hate Fire Emblem

Masahiro Sakurai
Full Name Masahiro Sakurai
Background Information
Status Alive (for now)
Likes Money, his games, his wife, his son (When not eating everything, Fire Emblem, making jokes, Mashing, Nintendo, seeing his gamers suffer (Sadistic Bastard)
Dislikes You, People Dogging on Fire Emblem, Johns (Oh wait that's Reggie, Working too hard, spoiling his son, leaks, Waluigi for whatever reason, complaints
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Game Developer
Alignment Lawful Good
Sexual Orientation Presumably Straight
Physical Description
Species Human
Age 50
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level 6,000,000
Family Kirby (son), Michiko (wife)
Friends Miyamoto, Reggie fils-Aime, Kirby, all Smash Characters, his wife
Date Joined

Masahiro "Daddy" Sakurai is a Japanese game developer born in 1970 who shits on opinions of others. You want Waluigi in the game, ok, Fire Emblem character 420 (nice) coming right up. Despite this Sakurai actually has a soft spot but only for Kirby and his wife. Sakurai will only play his games because all other Nintendo game developers are quote "Beneath me."

Sakurai's first game was Kirby Dreamland but it sucked (quite literally) so he decided to give his son his famous copy ability in the sequel. In '98 Daddy Sakurai made the game he is most famous for the untraditional fighting game of Smash Bros which featured only 12 characters but was respectable at the time. This was when actually loved his job but fans saw that Sakurai was spoiling Kirby in and out of his fights which lead to massive nerfs in the next game. Three years later still pretty happy about his job he developed Melee, the fastest Smash game of all, Sakurai did not particularly like players playing for but was like, fuck it atleast I'm payed. 2008 the worst smash game of all was made it's saving grace was the adventure mode but Meta Knight busted and here's where Sakurai started hating his own fans they uploaded cutscenes of his game and was like "oh heeeeeeelllllllll naawl" and "you have lost your story mode priviledges, motherfucker." 2014 Sakurai calmed down a bit and made a (slightly) better online mode than its predessor. Finally on Pearl Harbor day (Coincidence I think not) 2018, Sakurai released his best masterpiece Smash Ultimate but Online is still ass.

Powers and Abilities

  • Thanos snap
  • Falcon Punch
  • Copy ability
  • Creation (but less than God)
  • Superior intelligence
  • Looks


  • He's our daddy
  • He doesn't like you
  • He hangs out with Kakashi
  • He hates spoiling us
  • He says fack you everyday