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Meatwad is a ball of meat, capable of transforming into anything.

The Leftover Meatball

One day, a full Mario was eating spaghetti, but he got stuffed, and as so, a meatball fell out, and rolled out of Mario's house. The meatball rolled through town, and because no one noticed it, the meatball aged, eventually to the point to where he could talk.

Of course, Meatwad is retarded. He will do what anyone says. That includes Master Shake and Frylock. He also doesn't know if you should or should not play with matches.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

As said above, Meatwad will listen to what anyone says, including Master Shake and Carl, who may be bad influences on Meatwad. He is always tortured by Master Shake, but his blows bounce off of Meatwad's body. Meatwad has been tricked into helping shake steal things, like Kirby's pie.