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  • I saw that you have made some edits to the pages for Link, King Harkinian, Gwonam, and Ganon to make them reflect the content on Harkipedia. Simply put, this is considered plagiarism, and you can be banned for it in the future. I think you should also read the Rules, particularly the rules regarding canon. We try to keep one consistent canonical universe with the wiki (with some exceptions, including AUs), and big pages like the King Harkinian article should reflect that. In other words, don't make big changes to characters' histories without having a discussion about it. You're not in trouble right now, but you can be banned in the future. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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  • Moar Krabs

    Moar Krabs Welcomes You!

    Thanks for your edit to the J. Jonah Jameson page.

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