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The second home to Freddy Fazbear

Michael De Santa upon learning of Freddy Fazbear's presence in his house.

Michael's House is a funhouse that may look like a nice looking mansion on the outside, but is a place with another Freddy Fazbear in it. Upon discovering Freddy, the house's owner, Michael De Santa, got scared to the point where he uranated in his pants.

The only possible reason for the way Michael's House is is most likey that Freddy was put in there by Princess Celestia. Michael confirms this and says that he WILL NOT reveal the reasons why the Princess did so, because he claim that it's "too embarassing" and also out of fear that his wife and Trevor Philips will kill him.

However, a local bystander has reported to have seen Michael tell Franklin that the reason why Celestia put Freddy in his house is so that he would stay with her. Michael caught wind of this and chased the bystander out of Los Santos.

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