Michael Rosen's Dad is a Terrorist is a YouTube Poop by MusclemanDX (MegamanDX). It was uploaded on January 27, 2016.


The poop begins with Michael saying that his sauce dad yelled, "WAR!" and that he came home to bomb everyone. Michael seems shocked about it. Michael imitates his dad shooting people to death with a machine gun, making them go down with a "Kaboom!" Michael then freaks out.

YouTube Poop - Michael Rosen's Dad is a Terrorist

YouTube Poop - Michael Rosen's Dad is a Terrorist

Michael says there were not going to be any more poor people, houses, people of all kinds, or spaceships. Michael freaks out again saying his dad did all this 3 weeks ago.

With another "Boom," Michael is in brief pain when he claimed his dad blew his toenails off. Michael then states that there is no noise at all. After checking back and forth a few times, he finds out that his dad claimed it was nice.



Michael Rosen (artificedesign):

  • My Dad
  • No Breathing in Class
  • Hot Food
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