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Mighty No.9 is a video game that looks exactly like Megaman, but don't get fooled! this atrocity will try to make you buy more merchandise so they can keep coming back from the bloody pit from where they came. The reasons why this guy and his game sucks have been said by Tirek who commonly plays Megaman games and made comparison with the old games and this bullshit known as Mighty No.9. Because of this, this guy has a grudge with Tirek and once tried to clear things up with him, only to get brutally beaten up and raped by the ruler of Equestria in the process. Since then, Mighty No.9 lived a life of misery, diseases, shit and Donald Trump until he died alone.



Argument with Marisa

Marisa being hated by Might No.9 because she steals something from the game. Once she broke Beck(from Mighty No.9)'s valentine letter for his girlfriend. He lost his temper and scold her. Marisa did not want to apologize to him because she didn't on purpose. Beck finally hit the roof, yells,"I told you not to touch it!" and hit and shoot her multiple time. Then Marisa bleeds a lot, cries in pain and run away. Then Harold "Bill" Reginald from Spongebob said,"How many times we have to teach you this lesson ? Robot?" then he got beaten.