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Minecraftia from the International Pingas Station

Minecraft is a near-medieval world with crappy resolution that is filled with nerdy preteens, low-textured blocks, and weeaboos. Most materials, with the exception of Sos, are present here. Hyrule used to control the region, but they abandoned it due to the weeaboos. That is why there are Strongholds everywhere.



It is full of Zombies, Skele-douches, Purple Weiners, and weird creatures such as Creepers and Slimes. Herobrine also lives here. The villagers love emeralds enough to try to rip people off. Minecraftia also has access to Ebola Cola, like pretty much everywhere else.

There is also very strange music in the world that makes you blow up because it is extremely high pitched. Herobrine is the ruler.

Information About The Country

Size: 384 Thousand Sq Kilometers

Popluation: 2 Trillion

GDP:24 Billion Emeralds/42 Billion USD

GDP Per Capita:1,090 Emeralds/1865.45 USD

Currency Exchange Rate:1 Emerald = 1.71 USD

Major Cities

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