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No. Of Subscribers

Circa 48.1k

Total views

Circa 15m

MoBrosStudios, or as he would now like to be called Anim8ball, was a popular YouTube Pooper that has created YouTube Poops such as: Cadance opens an Interdimensional Portal, Squidward gets possessed by a Bad Lemon, etc. His most well known YTP is probably Skellington’s Revenge.

List of Videos

Videos labeled "Old"

Pre-Countdown, Post-Old Era

Eustace Loses a Politcal Debate His old "YouTube Poop Tutorial: READ THE DESCRIPTION

Reviews Era

Countdowns and Reviews

MoBrosStudios later stated that he no longer stands by the quality of these videos. It made him absolutely miserable, leading to his "Furious Confession" video, which he later apologized for. More on this later.

  • MoBrosStudios Top Twenty Worst SpongeBob Episodes (Part One)
  • MoBrosStudios Top Twenty Worst SpongeBob Episodes (Part Two)
  • Atlantis Squarepantis review
  • Fan Edition! MoBrosStudios Top Twenty Worst SpongeBob Episodes (Part One)
  • Fan Edition! MoBrosStudios Top Twenty Worst SpongeBob Episodes (Part Two)

YTP-related videos

Post-Countdown Era


On October 2nd 2015, MoBros had announced that he has retired YTP. Months later he created a channel for YouTube Poops because he finally got around to creating that JonTron YTP he mentioned a few times. He was apologetic about spreading around the idea that a YouTube could only be good if it was story-driven or heavily edited, but he hasn't updated the channel in several months. [1]


He now has a channel called Anim8ball where, surprisingly, he uploads reviews of various animated movies or television animations, which was done to encourage more non-hateful reviews. Although he did not watch any of TheMysteriousMrEnter's videos until after the channel premiered with a review of his old "Top 20 Worst SpongeBob Episodes" countdown from his old channel, he has made it clear that he does not support Mr. Enter's style of reviewing. If You won't believe it, You can read his thoughts here.