"I want MOAR Faggot!"
– MOAR Krabs

Moar Krabs
Full Name
Background Information
Status Alive
Likes Money, moar, ear rape, dinner, shoop da whoop
Dislikes Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy
Alignment Evil
Source Spongebob
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Religion Atheist
Physical Description
Species Demon Crab
Gender Male
Age 86/Immortal
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Brothers


  • Yeti Krabs
  • King Krabs
  • Princess Pearl
  • William Krabs
  • Prehistoric Krabs
Friends Weegee, Malleo, Meegee, His Brothers
Date Joined

Moar Krabs (pronounced as More Crabs) is one of the Skodwarde Squad. It is especially popular among Kortez3000/SantaWithTeeth/SantaWithGuns fan segments.

It is also something a person wanting to have unprotected sex with several hookers might say.



Moar Krabs is mainly red with many wrinkles and intense articulation. It has small claws that seem soft and wrinkly with small jagged nails before the tip. It's eyes are tightly twisted and about 1 1/2 inches up, they change direction and twist on their own. The ends of its eyes are slightly open with its pupils almost at the end so they're visible. It's nose may be what looks like skin tightly pulled and harshly twisted about 4 1/2 inches long. It has pink gums and a
MOAR Krabs

"I Want MOAR Faggot!" "MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!! MOAR!!!!"

broad purple tongue. It's much larger than Mr. Krabs, about human sized. It has three known mouth positions, one being very open with its teeth and gums showing, two being the one here, and three being more closed so that only parts of the top front and bottom front teeth can be seen.


It can projectile highly acidic vomit whenever it wants and may shake it's second snake-like tongue at observers. It understands human speech, and rarely says anything other than "Moar". With it's "Moar Roar," Moar Krabs can roar at its opponents by shooting a deadly laser out of it's mouth. It can also grow to giant size, shoot tiny Moar Krabs at you, teleport, and has enough super-strength to even damage the great Lord Weegee. Sometimes, it randomly appears in places and gives you a good reason not to do something. I.E. brush your teeth. So brush your teeth already.


With a pretty much identical digestive system to that of a pig, it feeds in dumpsters, usually at local restaurants or anywhere else it can find discarded meat. It also demands unreasonable amounts of jelly from anyone who happens to encounter it, but we are unsure what it really does with said jelly.

Although it is impossible to be completely sure what it does with the jelly, there is evidence MOAR uses it as lubricant for its rampant masturbation habits.


Unlike Mr. Krabs, Moar Krabs is more gluttonous than greedy, caring about food more than anything else. Also unlike the original Krabs, it actually cares about it's fellow monsters deep down. It is usually docile, preferring to stay in the Krab Krusty than face conflict with the group's enemies. It is usually harmless, unless the business is threatened or if he convinces someone else to do the killing. It will also never cease to stop hunting one if provoked.




  • While Moar Krabs physically didn't appear in the SpongeBob episode "Face Freeze", he appears as an unseen force and possess Mr. Krabs turning his face distorted after he saw SpongeBob and Patrick's face got froze. This proves MOAR Krabs truly does exist, even outside the YTP world...
  • Moar Krabs once got killed by Slendybob, but got brought back to life by the Gods of YTP.


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