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Moistopia is a continent that borders Asia. It was initally unified, but is now split into multiple separate countries.

Bready Empire

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Its flag

The Bready Empire is ruled by Bready, and is the largest and most advanced country in Moistopia.

The government consists of the Council of Bread, which contains numerous Moist Memes.

At the country's center is its capital, Moistopolis. At the center is Moist Castle, where Bready oversees the city.

The streets in Bready's Kingdom are usually made of brick. Numerous food vendors can be found in the streets, often selling foods invented by members of the Council of Bread.

It's language is Breadish and Swedish.

Moist Kingdom

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The Moist Kingdom was a country consisting of numerous islands. However, it was mostly uninhabited, since all of the Moist Memes lived in the Bready Empire.

Eventually, Pepe the Frog took the government over and established the Dank Realm in its place.

Dank Realm

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The Dank Realm is a country led by Pepe the Frog. Many dank memes have some sort of residence here, whether temporary or permanent.

The country has lower quality of living than most of the other countries in Moistopia, since most of the country's funds go to mass production of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and sniper rifles.

Fexy Empire

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The Fexy Empire was originally a part of the Bready Empire, but Fexy took over and separated it from the Bready Empire after a conflict in the Council of Bread.

Rocky Empire

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The Rocky Empire was originally led by Rocky, but the country was eventually taken over by North Korea after the Rocky Empire denied their claims of "not being dank enough".

Today, North Korea uses the country as a vector of transmitting propaganda and memes across the region. It has been renamed "Kimland" in honor of Kim Jong Un.

Dry Meme Empire

Main article: Dry Meme Empire

Due to strict communication laws enforced by Buddy, not much information is known about the Dry Meme Empire.

However, ambassadors from neighboring countries note that the Dry Meme Empire is a very harsh environment where Dry Memes rule with an iron fist.

Disputed Island

An island exists in the continent that is so heavily disputed that no official name exists for it. The island was originally controlled by China, but was eventually claimed by the Bready Empire since it was on the Moist Plate instead of the Eurasian Plate. Taiwan and North Korea have also claimed the island.

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