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Moon Trainer
Full Name
Aliases psychopath
Background Information
Hometown Alola
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic evil
Appearances Gta V, Pokemon Sun and Moon
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Satan
Gender Female
Age 13
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level 18.000
Date Joined


Is a crazy psychopath girl that kills pokemon and people.

She was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital, but she managed to escape.

He killed a girl to supplant his identity and escaped from Kanto.

She went to alola and posed as a normal girl.

She is a criminal of rank S, very dangerous and sadistic.

She has a sexual partner, who does "crafts" when he gets bored of killing.

Working for Ganon

Moon has worked for many, but his favorite is Ganon. Ganon always pays him a lot of money for killing some people who bother him or think that they interfere with his evil plans.

Moon enjoys killing and she does not care what Ganon pretends, even though she knows that he is using her, that does not matter to her, she will continue to kill and kill until she is satisfied with her madness.

She gets along very well with Militron, both share the same idols of killing or be killed.

Criminal record

The greatest atrocities that Moon has committed are here.

  • She murdered a girl and supplanted her identity to escape Alola and cleanse herself of all the crimes she committed.
  • He crushed several Pokémon with his giant fist as he smiled. While his trainers looked terrified. When they tried to escape they had the same fate. The police arrived at the place but only found a trace of blood, and Luna was nowhere to be found.
  • He killed and raped a girl who only asked about the time. His expression began to change, and a sinister grin spread across his face. The poor girl did not live to tell. The girl's body was never found, but it was known that she was killed by the security cameras of the place. Luna crushed his head with a stone.