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"I'm going to get raped by Benson and it's all your fault!"
– Mordecai

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Mordecai Is a blue bird/massive simp from the TV series, Regular Show. He works with Rigby in the park of their boss Benson. He often abuses of his best friend Rigby, a raccoon with mental problems. He also is a great gamer compared to Rigby.


Mordecai is a narcissistic blue jay. Mordecai is also the biggest goody-two-shoes of the show. As the smarter, stronger, dominant male, Mordecai pwns Rigby at many things and uses brute force to make him do stuff that he doesn't wanna do. Even though Mordecai's a bird, he can't fly. He probably doesn't know he's a bird, but nobody cares to tell him. Mordecai is a devoted supporter and corporate pawn of the Scientologists.

Unlike Rigby, Mordecai download hentai in HD quality, and is much more responsible and mature than him. But as stupidutitis produced by Rigby is so contagious, usually weakens with Mordecai and smoke pot hidden in video games. Mordecai is in love with Margaret and he wants to be more than her friend but fails in most cases.


He died when a farmer saw him flying shot him with a tommy gun. Even though he threatened to rape him, Benson made ​​a statue in his honor in the middle of the park. The plaque on the grave read "Here lies Mordecai B. Jay, a beloved son, employee, and holder of the non-coveted simp of the year award three years running. He will be slightly missed by all."