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Full Name
Background Information
  • Link (client number 1)
  • Fucking People
  • Rupees
  • Himself
  • Sitting on shoplifters
  • His shop
  • Tails
  • Giving people the middle finger.
  • Zelda
  • Zelda's boobs
  • Bombs
  • Brittany
  • Lamp Oil
  • Rope
  • Rubies
Nationality Koridian
Alignment Neutral
Source CD-i
Sexual Orientation Bisexual.
Physical Description
Species Hylian
Gender Male
Age 60 (biologically)
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Date Joined

Morshu (born 1961) also known as Mooooooorshhh, is a Koridian shopkeeper. He currently has one employee. He has a thyroid condition that gives him his obesity. He is also the Hero of Koridai saving everyone from the Greatest Prison in Koridai.



Morshu was born on a date no one gives a poop about in 1961. After The Doctor spanked him, Morshu lit the doctor on fire! Morshu then mugged his new mother and hijacked an ambulance.


Morshu was raised by Homer Simpson since he owed Morshu because Morshu killed Bart. That's where Morshu learned to be a fatass.


The location of Morshu's shop in Koridai.

His shop, nicknamed "Morshu's Shop of Horrors", is named "Morshu's Island of Lower Prices". Products sold at the shop include lamp oil, rope, bombs, hot tubs, blank maps, exploding alarm clocks, and vodka. Most of his customers are crazy drunks who pay him in dimes for more booze. He never gives credit and demands all paid upfront. In case things go wrong, he keeps a shotgun under his counter.

Morshu is not satisfied with just owning a small business; he has a very close association with Team Rocket with one of their secret bases being underneath his shop. His bombs are sold on the black market to Rocket and other criminal organizations. Morshu dodges the law like a bullet and can keep away any investigations with lies and bribes.

Morshu's Only Unsatisfied Customer

Morshu's true power

Despite his corrupt nature, Morshu is a very likable guy, and almost everybody likes him... almost everybody. Plankton is the only person ever to have been unsatisfied and not like Morshu. The incident began when Plankton came to the Island of Lower Prices to purchase bombs, but to both of their annoyance, Plankton did not know what a rupee was. Once Morshu told Plankton what a rupee was, he presented Morshu with a Green Rupee, which wasn't nearly enough for the bombs. Frustrated, Morshu sent Plankton away, telling him to come back when he was a little...MMMM...richer. An unsatisfied Plankton left the shop, hijacked a bus, and ran over Morshu. However, Plankton did not realize that Morshu is invincible and can't die.


Morshu later hired a young Koridan who he thought was a girl at first, in fact, he only hired him because he thought Tails was a girl (in Koradi, girls get half the pay than men). After learning that he had to pay Tails more money, he got so angry then he nuked Greenland.


He later got arrested for child labor in 1983, in which he did something to the jury that was utterly AWESOME Morshu like.

If you would look to the picture on your right, you would see what I mean.

Morshu after he unlock all of his power.


He was later released because Hyrule State Prison couldn't take his bitchin' anymore. Albeit the only reason, he was released was because someone demolished the whole jail.

Sexual Coercion

When Luigi went into Morshu's shop to buy some succulent spaghetti, Morshu refused service to his unlucky customer. However, he expressed his willingness to comply under one condition... that he has gay sex with Gay Luigi. With Luigi having no other choice... he accepted.[1]

Morshu Nuke

His strongest bomb is called "The Morshu Nuke," which is half as strong as the Gnome Missile, which Keemstar possess.


It is rumored that Morshu had a hidden sex tape with Impa back in 1984.



Music Artist

Morshu became a rapper in April 2012 when he began doing concerts and released the "Moshu Matters LP" in Hyrule in August 2012 and later many other countries around the world. Although mainstream radio stations refused to play his songs, one of his biggest hits from this era was "Rap God" which another, more popular rapper stole for his own album in 2013. The first known instance of Morshu performing this song occurred in front of Link and whoever the fuck recorded the video. This video was taken down by the hack record company that backed that Eminem guy in 2014, but it was thankfully re-uploaded to YouTube by Jeff Lindblom on August 2, 2020. Probably. The full 17 minute 20 second version of "Rap God" is currently very hard to find for a reasonable price, mostly because Morshu started charging so much for it.

By March 2018, Morshu officially retired from the music scene because he was fed up with his music videos being copyright claimed by big record companies that had stolen from him. His eleventh and final album was "Morshu Matters LP 8" (released on April 20, 2018). This seemed like the end of Morshu's music, but Morshu released the first of three singles in June 2020 to brighten people's day amid COVID-19 concerns. The second was released on August 7, 2020, and the third will be released on September 2, 2020. Morshu has been very tightlipped about whether or not he'll release his twelfth album, but only time will tell.

Movie Director

Morshu got a job directing a movie about himself called "A Morshu Movie." It is going to be the biggest budgeted movie in-universe history because Morshu is awesome! The trailer is already out.


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