YTP Movie Mama Luigi Chronicles

YTP Movie Mama Luigi Chronicles

Mama Luigi Chronicles - Rublitendo's First Flash YTP Movie. Created in 08.08.2015


Mama Luigi Puts Yoshi to Bed and Yoshi Tells Story About Mama Luigi Finds Worms 4 Mayhem and Luigi Shots Sheep. Meanwhile in King K. Rool's Lair he Explodes and First Morshu was Born. Later Mama Luigi Goes Outside and Sees the Morshu and Fights with him. After Fight with Morshu he Was Sucked into Morshu's Mouth and Sees The King In the Cage and it must Release. Later. he appeared a Guy in the Screen Called Knuckle Joe. Meanwhile Yoshi is Hungry and Finds the Portrait and Sees it Later he was Kidnapped. Later in Morshu's Mouth Knuckle Joe Sings Song About "How Knuckle Joe Stole Christmas" Later Appernaced a King From "A Meener Evil" Later Mama Luigi releases King and Fights the Hungry King. After to do three Friends. Later Mama Luigi Tries to Fand Yoshi but Finds the Portrait and Sees it. After Something do to. Mama Luigi, The King and Knuckle Joe They joined together and must stop this evil.


in 2014 Presened Box art Cover of Mama Luigi Chronicles. It had to be a game that had to be on console Nintendo DS. But Cancelled for some reason. it was replaced as film on Camtasia Studio and Sony vegas 11.0 (Effects)


Mama Luigi Chronicles 2: Pink's Revenge - It was planned to 2016

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