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Mr. Krubby Krabby's One Dollar is a dollar earned by Mr. Krubby Krabby and appeared in Mr. Krubby Krabby Avenges Pearl Harbor. After Spingebill lost it, Mr. Krubby Krabby made Skoshwarde and Spingebill stay clam fishing until they find it.


It looks just like any other ordinary dollar, and it does not has a lot of sentimental value to Mr. Krubby Krabby.

Role in the YouTube Poop

After Mr. Krubby Krabby loses his one dollar inside a clam while clam fishing with Spingebill and Skoshwarde, he makes Spingebill and Skoshwarde stay clam fishing until they find his one dollar. At the end of the video, Krubby Krabby trades his body for his one dollar with the clam that took his dollar.