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Mr. Orangutan who gives you the middle finger is an Orangutan who gives people the middle finger. When he gives someone in combat the middle finger, they will explode. No one has beaten him yet in a fight to the death. Those who have done so are likely people who think they can beat anything but are really losers IRL. He is also the founder of Viacum until he was betrayed and fired by his own employees because he constantly raped them.

He pretty much points his middle finger at everyone that comes into contact with n him. He uses people's clothes as wipes for his mucus. He, like most primates, throws his shit at anyone within a 100 foot range. Everybody hates this orangutan and tell him he is a waste of space. Be careful, because if you face this monstrosity and you tell him he is fat, he will get angry, he will break your face without mercy but you will have the opportunity to tear him apart if you ate Spaghetti beforehand.