Mr. Owl


Mr. Owl was a character from Tootsie Pop commercials. His ad was so old it was removed from TV, but that doesn't stop him from doing the one rotten deed he always does: stealing kids' candy.  That's right, he actually takes candies from babies, whether or not he is caught on camera (besides, everyone who watches just laughs at the dumb sucker who lost his candy), and he shows no remorse.  If a dumb enough child approaches Mr. Owl and asks him how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, he'll take the pop, lick it 3 times, bite it, and throw the spent stick at the poor kid, who just walks off and mutters about how he now hates owls.  Oh, that reminds me—why is it always 3 licks?  What's so special about the number 3?  Oh well...anyways, the evil does not stop there!  Mr. Owl has been known for trying to abduct and/or rape some of the kids he meets, regardless of gender, but so far all of his attempts to abduct a child have failed.

Dark Squad

Mr. Owl became the manager of the Dark Squad, under the lead of Shadow the Hedgehog. He was later proven to be a big fail, and later died at the hands of the Burger King.