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Fred Rogers, mainly called Mr. Roger is an old pedophile, and the founder of Mr. Roger's Empire. He used to have a show called Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, but it was eventually cancelled because modern children were too busy watching Family Guy. The news drove Mr. Roger insane, so he escaped to a frozen wasteland where he started Mr. Roger's Empire.

It's speculated that Mr. Roger is the father of a certain jew.


The date of his birth is not known with clarity, but it's presumed that he was bred in the depths of hell near to the area of Trolls and goblins and many people all going to hell. There was where he acquired his demonic powers or even his shotgun Skills. It's why he looks so retarded: big ears, his gayness and his penis for month. When he was a child in the company of his brother Lamar S. Smith who loved the war so in one of these innocent games he put bullet to one of his servants. Since then the maid has become an avenging spirit, that haunts his soul and gives him the evil caused by never forget it.

As punishment, he was sent to Arendelle to found a society tremendously clear and transparent, where crimes are never committed or there is corruption. So the world is unknown is that he could become the beautiful human dictator that he never was. While people were trying to clear this question, he began to make his weapons studies in various centers for special children which gave him knowledge.


All was great for Mr. Roger, he had everything until a day, Mario Head soon forced Mr. Rogers to join his forces to give extinction to everyone in YTP world and turn everything into shit. Mr. Roger was then put in the third tower along with Osama and Mario Head. But then he was shot in the head by King Harkinian. He was brought back to life later, but had ate something on a plate made by a PBS assassin, which later killed him in 2003 because of the cancer he got from it. Today, Mr. Roger lives in Hell.