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Nelson Muntz is the main bully in the sitcom The Simpsons. He is the leader of the bullies at Springfield Elementary School (despite being the youngest and shortest), although usually seen and acting independently. He is Bart Simpson's former arch-enemy (later one of his best friends).

Nelson became a bully because his father is a drunk mofo while his mother is a drug dealer that also no life. This forced him to eat rats every day and smoke weed as well. Due to this, Nelson is just a douche with no life. He picks on people with actual money rather than counterfeit money. Unfortunately, Nelson died in 2022 after he became a gangster. During a bank robbery, Bart Simpson shot him.

Nelson was then sent to the dimension of Weegee. He was forced to work as Weegee's servant until the year 3000. Weegee became angry at Nelson for escaping and decided to ultimately destroy him. Weegee disintegrated him into over 9000 pieces and then ate him.