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New Bikini Bottom is a little more under cleaned. It is the home of the newer and alternate versions of SpongeBob characters. It isn't like the original Bikini Bottom. This place is nasty and cruel and the characters are more annoying, stupider, crazier and meaner.


Lusty Krabs, founder of New Bikini Bottom gathered all the versions of the characters that took over the old ones. The way you get to New Bikini Bottom is to take a nasty patty, put it in Sos and then to eat a bite. The Sos takes away some of the nasty taste.

Mr. Kraps resurrected ScumBob but Slickward Tentacles is just more annoyed by and meaner to ScumBob SnarePants and Patjerk Star. Also it has more advanced YTP technology. Then the Skodwarde Squad took over then the war between old and new Bikini Bottoms has begun in the end where Skodwarde Squad was killed by a advanced canned bread missle. Skodward still alive plotting his revenge.

It also has the New Krusty Krab where Mr. Kraps hired ScumBob SnarePants. Lameton who is Mr. Kraps arch nemesis lives in the New Chum Bucket which isn't like the original Chum Bucket. It has dozens of customers in which Mr. Kraps always tries to take away from Lameton. This is also where Stampy the Snail and Stinky Cheeks inhabit. The background fish are also more cruel here and will start an angry mob even if it's just for a stupid reason nobody cares about.

There is currently a rivalry between both the old and the new Bikini Bottoms.

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