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Nightmare Moon is an alicorn and the one of the many antagonists in My Little Pony series. NM is considered a heroine for trying to kill his evil sister, however, she's still trapped forever in the moon.


She was born by Luna's hate against Celestia, when celestia said she wasn't the best pony of the show and Luna goes breakdown. Luna was complete consumed by the dark side thanks to Kim Jong-Il. Now turned into Nightmare Moon she decided to destroy her sister to maintain the peace on Equestria, unfortunately, she was defeated by The Red Guy's fault who was working for celestia and knocked her when NM was about to kill celestia. Since that day, Luna returned to Equestria as an tyrant alicorn like her evil sister.


  • Talking in first person plural instead of first person singular (We want moar slaves for us; We think you may die in a few seconds if you don't obey US!)
  • Good
  • Majora's Mask
  • Make the Moon fall to the Earth
  • Play Terraria
  • Megatron
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Bowser, I mean Kooper