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The Nikolaion is a book about Nikolaism that was written by Nikolai Belinski. It is was written in WW2 after Nikolai realized the true power of the world. It is available for $677.79 because it's made of solid gold, titanium, and diamond. Only 345 copies have been made but only 1 is the true book.



Since it's written in Vodka drunkness and partial Russian, it's been translated.

  • "Vodka is life. Vodka is love"
  • "You shall take this pistol, and protect your vodka"
  • "Only once have you tasted the Red Son Vodka, will you understand Nikolaism"
  • "Protect Nothing except you and your vodka"
  • "Nothing is moar important than your guns"


It was written by Nikolai Belinski and Joseph Stalin. Nikolai wrote 69% of it. He wrote in 1944 while inside Kino De Toten during a Zombie Outbreak. It was thrown into the teleportation device for the rest of the world to see.