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Nook's Town
Background Information
Final Year
Population 5000
Government Type Corparitist Dictatorship
HDI 0.253
Gini coefficient
Area 11,056.7 km² (4,269 sq mi)
Density 0.5/km² (1.2/sq mi)
Official Language English
Current Leader Tom Nook
National Anthem
Today Part of
Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Working population
Unemployment rate
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Annual Military Spending
Budget per soldier
Preceded by
Succeeded by The UCRD

Nook's Town is the unofficial name (an official name doesn't exist) for the city-state dictatorship ran by the evil Tom Nook. The town is populated by several non-mobian animals.


The history of Nook's Town is limited. All known is the town was oppressed by the Celestria Regime for centuries until a capitalist revolutionary named Tom Nook started a revolution called the Nook Revolution, which Nook won quickly.

After the revolution, Tom Nook declared the country a full on capitalist country and banned any form of socialism. Surprisingly, the country quickly faced a ton of issues. Then Tom Nook declared himself as a dictator and caused even more issues.

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