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North Korea
Background Information
Capital Pyongyang
Final Year
Population 25 million (2013)
Government Type Dictatorship
HDI 0.287
Gini coefficient
Area 120,507.6 km² (46,528 sq mi)
Density 207.5/km² (537.3/sq mi)
Official Language
Current Leader Kim Jong Swag (elected)
National Anthem We Copy the Gov't of the Ruskies
Motto I Will Make the New USSR.
Constitution Possible Stalinist constitution
Today Part of
Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Currency 1 Militrupee = 1 s
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Working population
Unemployment rate
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Annual Military Spending
Budget per soldier
Preceded by
Succeeded by

North Korea, locally known as The Fucking Awesome Nation of True and Best Korea, is a nation controlled by Kim Jong Un's swag. The nation's main exports are swagger and nuclear war. A documentary called The Interview was made about this nation.

In real life, the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" (North Korea), despite being the "democratic", is ranked as the least democratic country in the world. This sentence has been censored by the North Korean government due to lies and Western propaganda.



In 1820, the Territory of Korea broke away from Mr. Roger's Empire to form their own nation. After the separation, the nation was immediately recognized by Koridai and the United States. However, Hyrule still recognized it as a part of a territory of Mr. Roger's Empire.


In 1862, Hyrule invaded Korea. Koridai immediately backed up Korea, while Mr. Roger's Empire backed up Hyrule. After two years of war, the Koreans fought off the Hyrulians. This lead to Korea being recognized as a nation world wide.

North Korea

In 1953, the nation then divided to political issues. Korea was split into North Korea (totalitarian dictatorship) and South Korea (dictatorship). The two countries immediately despised each other.

Fall of South Korea

In 2001, Austripoff bought the bankrupt South Korea for $10 million. North Korea then changed their name to the Fucking Awesome Nation of True Korea, but they were still recognized as North Korea outside their borders. This angered North Korea which lead to the world despising the nation.

Gamelon purchase

In 2015, Hyrule sold Gamelon to North Korea for 1.5*1024 Miltrupees. On February 14, the Hyrulian flag was lowered in Gamelon and replaced with the North Korean flag.


  • They are master counterfeiters. This sentence has also been censored.
  • Most sentences are censored. This sentence is censored because of too much detail.
  • They are also communists. Censored by the Konsomol and KGB.
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