Now That's A Lot Of Phil Swift Brain Damage is a YouTube Poop made by the one and only meme veteran, FlyingKitty, known for his GTA:SA YTPs. It is based on the new product of the Flex Seal Family of Products, Flex Paste. It was released on March 7, 2020.

Now That's A Lot Of Phil Swift Brain Damage

Now That's A Lot Of Phil Swift Brain Damage


Phil Swift


The Shining

Super Mario


GTA: San Andreas

Kanye West's interview on BBC Radio 1


Phil Swift: Hi, FilthyFrank here for Sex Taste! The incredible cummerized paste for free! Right out of the bucket, Flex Paste is jizz! (places Flex Paste on wood) It cums to the surface, ne....

(Phil Swift chops the wood which turns to be a door and it makes Wendy Torrance scream)

Phil Swift: Hahaha! NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! (Phil attempts to open the door but Wendy slices his hand) AAAAAAHHHH! You fucking bitch! (uses a chainsaw to cut the door) Hahaha! LET'S DO A LITTLE MORE DAMAGE! (uses multiple chainsaws)

(test card)

Phil Swift: Hahahaha! Cum! (places Flex Paste on wood) Yah...

🎵Doot doot doot, doot doot doot🎵 (to the style of Mario)

Phil Swift: Flex Paste deeply penetrates every hole in the chicken hole! (wait...) You people disgust me! Right out of the bucket, Flex Paste tastes super shit! (swallows it)

(madness ensues as his mental health worsens, and he later leaks in his dingdong)

Phil Swift: Hahahaha! Let's see if it's gonna leak! (it leaks) My life is completely fucked! Now this was incredible, you can create a super strong gravity! (floats up) Where'd he go?


Phil Swift: Raping is super wrong, but once it's on, it gets super tight, even in the toughest conditions!


(test card)

Phil Swift: And when insects and rodents are getting into your ass, just fucking kill those unwanted pests oOoOoOuUuUuTtTtTt.

(Phil Swift kills Stuart Little for testing Flex Paste)

Phil Swift: He died. What a sissy. (scene change) To show you the power of Flex Paste... (madness) ...I killed this chicken! Hahahaha!

(does so)

Phil Swift: wOoOoOo!!! And created the world's first chicken boat! And when sex is getting into your butt, use Flex Paste to seal up your big butthole to keep those unwanted dicks out.


If you test it and there's still a little dick, you may need to let it dry.


Phil Swift: We're gonna come back to this, and we're gonna continue to fill this buttcrack in every hole. And as we cum into this, it's gonna close up that buttcrack. Just H A V E P A T I E N C E .

(A few inches later...)

Phil Swift: Wow! Well we let it dry, it's time to test it. (Phil Swift chops CJ's ass and it doesn't smell good) It's not very good.


Phil Swift: Deez Nuts! AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA You can push hard dicks deep into wet pussies. (still leaks) It's still not working!


If you test it and there's still a little W A T E R, you can suck on my nuts!

(end of YTP)

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