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Enraged Vegeta is enraged.

Over 9,000 is very popular and awesome from Dragon Ball Z and possibly the rest of the Dragon Ball franchise. It is from the Ocean Dub and is said by Vegeta. It is also is from the Funimation Dub of the Classic Dragon Ball Z (Remastered in Widescreen or for The Dragon Box) and The TV Version of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Since In The Uncut DVD Version of Kai It Says over 8,000 instead of 9,000. It was originally supposed to be Over 8,000 but when they where doing the dub and it fitted the mouth flaps better.


Oprah decided to go to planet Earth conveniently with a scouter on, (so she could look for some Dragon Balls) but was stopped by the Pingas Rangers and the Spartans. With the power of mom she wiped them out, until King Leonidas appeared and threatened to flash her. Devastated by his power, Oprah magically turned into Vegeta, and crushed her scouter in anger. The epicness destroyed the challenger and her big fat momma pomma was created.