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Brace Yourselves... - Madeon

Full Name PlayStation All-Stars Database
Aliases Mr. PlayStation
Background Information
Status Active
Nationality Australian
Occupation YouTube Pooper
Video Game Streamer/Researcher
Voice actor
Story writer
Alignment Good
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Religion PlayStation
Physical Description
Species Human (Originated)
Humanoid with TV Head (Common)
Various forms from dogs, Team Fortress 2, Splatoon, ect.
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Polygon Man (his master)
Jake The 2nd
Screaming Cortex Productions
Clorox Corner
Various famous/well-known YTPers
YouTube Channel
Channel Official-PSASD
Date Joined Jun 15th, 2018 (account)
Sep 14th, 2019 (YouTube Poop)
Content Surreal/Over-the-top editing
Light/dark humour
Stutter loops
Sentence mixing
Story writer
Voice acting
Subscribers 1,700+
Views 468,184+

PlayStation All-Stars Database (known as Official-PSASD) is an Australian YouTube Pooper, voice acting and GMod/SFM/Paint.NET animator who made various content, he is also previously known for researching and streaming video games.




Official-PSASD has joined YouTube in June 15th, 2018 to create PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale content like trailers, gameplay and speedrun for his gaming encyclopedia of the same name similar to SmashWiki. He also tried to bring awareness to everyone by reviving PlayStation All-Stars with #AllStarsRound2 along with other people which it lead to little to no success.

YouTube Poop

In somewhere September 2019, he started his YouTube Poop career with The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 2: Simpsons BOOgaloo created by TheSteamLord (formerly as IsaiahTheVargas1117), he later created various videos from animation (Garry's Mod, Source Filmmaker and Paint.NET, he also do art with all three), gaming and both solo YouTube Poops or collab entries then he got new friends from CamHead, Jake The 2nd, Toony and more along the way.

Official-PSASD was originally making his first YouTube Poop collab of Nostalgia Critic's infamous Pink Floyd - The Wall review, but he scrapped it and replaced with Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 video game.

Later in 2021, he teamed up with Jake The 2nd, SwagPikachu 693, CamHead and his friends from the YTP community to create the biggest YTP/Story project called The Furious III, it was take place after his and CamHead's YTP Tennis that PSASD created the story in his rounds, then later it gave more details from plot/characters/lore like PSASD his friends as themselves or featuring other characters from Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, Luigi, ect or even villains from Green Homer, Iggy and Lemmy Koopa and AniMat, plus it also feature YTPs in the story for humour.


As fictional character

His official appearance that he commonly used on his YTPs, animation or art.

He's life begins as a normal human-being that he was interested with video games (mainly PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale), many years later he travel to United States where he could find the studio who made the game called SuperBot Entertainment for his research. Until upon his searching, he found a strange purple looking crystal that glows which he was going to touch it until the crystal zapped him causing to be fainted.

He later woken up where he ended up appeared in a strange world where everything is transparent blue hexagon platforms and the sky is black but with blue wave lines passing though is PlayStation symbols, he tried to call out for help until he approached was Polygon Man (former PlayStation mascot and final boss of the game) which he was terrified about a strange floating head is appear right in font of him. Polygon Man said he had no harm towards to a human but he needed someone who can help for Polygon Man, he begin to cast an power to a human that transformed into a humanoid with TV for a head thus earned various video game abilities with crystalized hands, Polygon Man named the human as PlayStation All-Stars Database and Polygon told Official-PSASD that he will release and turn back to normal human if PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is returned for a sequel or remastered port.

After he was appeared in various universes and trying his powers, he first introduce to the YTP universe where he made friends with CamHead, Jake The 2nd, Toony and many others which it made various adventures.



Official-PSASD is very respected and kind towards many people including his friends and family, he can be very supportive and helpful to his friends when something happened to them. TBA.



  • Polygonal Powers: When Official-PSASD is been chosen by Polygon Man that his arms are now polygonal crystals, he can use any powers beyond in his dreams. PSASD will select any type of video games from platformer, racing, fighting and others that he can use it for both combats and skills, the most notable one that he cannot detracted or chop his arm off which it could electrified if someone tried to remove it.
  • Transformation: PSASD can turn into various forms like dog and even using video game appearances like Sniper from Team Fortress 2 or Inkling from Splatoon. Except he cannot turn back into his normal human form until when PlayStation All-Stars is announced for a sequel or remastered port. (shown in Talent Show Collab 3rd Edition entry)
  • Red Screen of Death: Considered as one of Official-PSASD's famous power, when he snapped his fingers with Polygonal Powers it will disintegrate one or possibly more enemies and sent them to PlayStation 2's infamous Red Screen of Death that no-one could escape the empty void until they will be sent back to their homeplace in 2 minutes. And sometimes a notable Official-PSASD's enemies will be trapped in the pitch-black room with no way out plus it won't sent them back home due to their loathsome crimes towards PSASD, his friends and everyone. If he used it, the battery will consumed all the energy. (shown in fifth match of Official-PSASD and CamHead YTP Tennis)
  • TBA: TBA.


  • Battery Source: Despite his polygonal hand will gave him amazing amount of power but it feature a battery at the front of his hand, if the battery is ran out it cannot be used which Official-PSASD have to wait for 25 mins to fully charged or he need to find power plugger or electricity that it can recovered in 5 mins. If PSASD even tried to use the power when the battery is flat, it will explode that might hurt and burned PSASD, it also does damage many people if they too close the explosion. (shown in Talent Show Collab 3rd Edition entry)
  • TBA: TBA.
  • TBA: TBA.

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