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It's completely useless now - Old Man

I'll make you useless next time Aladdin! Next Time! - Old Man after Old Man is wished away by Aladdin

Well Aladdin! Do you know what you've just become?! - Old Man after Aladdin almost drowned in Genie's tears


Crazy Old... Old Man is an unnamed character who is from GoodTimes Entertainment version of Beauty and the Beast. He is old and have two (three if counting the recurring one that's neck is broken by old man) sons and three daughters, one who's name is Beauty. He stars in the Old Man reads Creepypastas series. He was also in Old Man in Wonderland, and other recurring segments in Phelan Portreus' reviews, usually the ones which is Beauty and the Beast bootleg movies or movies where there's an old man look alike.


  • Being rich
  • breaking his third recurring son's neck
  • His sons and daughters
  • His horse


  • His third recurring son
  • Wet stuff (He thinks it's completely useless)
  • Useless Stuff
  • The Beast
  • Old Man look alikes.
  • The youth.
  • Creepypastas