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Nightmare Fuel.

Olimon is the Weegee version of Olimar. He is very ugly but didn't join the Ugleegees because nobody cared about him and his attitude.



He teamed up with Sawneek to scare Squidward. He is a Weegee Astronaut with several differences in his face. He has a colleague named Loueh, and joined Hohcotahte Frayte, which is part of the Pickleodeon Army. He served under the Skodwarde Squad until he was fired by Fizzy Walnuts because his face was super ugly and because he invited monsters from the sewers to the secret base from the squad.

Criminal Record

Olimon makes a living by robbing banks and mini marts. He also steals from the rich but keeps everything for himself. He is incredibly greedy, like Wario. Olimon almost killed a man for five bucks, which means Olimon doesn't care about the feelings of other people. Olimon has been arrested several times for his heists until he was finally arrested in 2929 because his face was just too damn ugly and an officer said "Daaaaammmmmmmn".


He was executed by King Harkinian after the year 3032. Nobody attended his funeral because his face was that ugly. However, in an attempt to scare you for life, we will show you his photo.

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