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The Background: It Burns!

PSY is a singer, actor, Korean priest, philosopher and thinker. He is the twin brother of President Kim's sister country who says rightly that he is a disgrace to the family.


There is little that can be said of his childhood, he is more likely that he was young. Witnesses say there he has always been a meatball dancer and one of their dances which imitated a horse got too close and was kicked in the head, that explains his bizarre imagination. The fact is that after the accident, was stupid heavily injured and his parents decided to leave him in South Korea. His father continued to train his brother Kim and with the pass of time he forgot about this poor little angel parasite. Luckily, a gay couple found him on time and fed him. He was raised as a son, taught him to dress so colorful and full of SWAG for the world not to criticize him for having the so deformed face, for he believed that the blow of the horse his eyes had been smaller, of course the poor thing does not take into account the look in the mirror that is Korean.


This chubby started his career in the late '90s and released his first album where he began to patent their steps mentally ill and their catchy melodies. After taking several issues and the occasional song for dramas, PSY became a respectable reputation and could make big concerts and so pervert most Koreans with their music, and then to China and thus singing torn neighboring countries.

Obviously he did not have no fucking idea who made music before, that's because that issue hasn't launched what would become known worldwide, which is the ...

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is the first mind control attempt by the Koreans that doubles as a mediocre music video. It's apparent purpose was to test the feeble minds of the American youth and annoy the hell of their parents. Like the mindless sheep they are, teens all over the world fell in love with it and did the dance of doom which, if it wasn't for the video, would have looked like a massive sperg attack. If you still like it, even after "Dear America", you are either a nerd or the video had lasting effects on you. This song was created to a similar beat as Durude - Sandstorm and therefore has similar effects.