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Pearl is a crystal gem and a protagonist in Steven Universe. Pearl is often the gem who cares more about Steven more than any other thing in the universe. Pearl stole with Garnet at the Krusty krab and was laughed because she looked like a bird and so that's how she came to be known as Bird mom by Steven.

Like the other Crystal Gems, Pearl joined the Dimension Warriors.

Bird mom.jpg

After Hitler came in to power she, Rose Quartz, and Garnet decided to disband from the Dimension Warriors and form the crystal gems. She also smokes weed with Snoop Dogg every day. But due to Hitler coming to power she was converted in to an atheist.

Weegee appointed her an honorary weegee and his queen. After 2000 years of ruling the Weegee Empire with Weegee she decided to leave him the night of December 25, 0 AD. Then she went to see baby Jesus. Then she was under pursuit by Weegee's dogs for leaving Weegee however, she escaped.

2002 years later she saw Rose Quartz's son for the very first time but she was so mad that Rose died because she was a Lesbian and loved Rose whereas Rose was Bisexual. She also tells Steven about her experience as dimension warrior but she also has sex with him in his sleep just to remember Rose.



  • Death
  • PINGAS inc.
  • Weegee
  • Eating
  • Being called a bird
  • Life without Rose Q
  • Shit
  • Outkast
  • Other Religions besides Christianity, Judaism, and Atheism
  • Greg's nonsense
  • Amethyst (making a mess)
  • "it" when it goes in the pooper (according to Conch Norris)
  • Champ and Chump


"I'm sick"