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Pearl Krabs is a whale that was born from a whale and was adopted. She loves crying, Boys Who Cry (Band), throwing temper tantrums, and Sandy Cheeks. She is the daughter of Mr. Krabs, despite not being a crab herself...

Complimentary Whale Jokes

She once crushed Fat Bastard’s Obese Son after he roasted her weight. She is a descendant of Ahab’s whale of a wife. She murdered her prom date during weird whale sex, so she took Spongebob instead.

The Kool Krusty Krab

She tried to liberalize the The Krusty Krab after attending a liberal arts college. After some shitty miscommunication, The Krusty Crew overthrew her and mistakenly put her miser of a father back in charge.

How she was Born =

She was born inside a whales belly button and when the whale pooped his pants, she came out and the whale threw her to the side of the road, Mr Krabs realized a baby on the road and adopted and picked her up and cleaned her. Her first word was “Oh crap”


  • Being “President” of the Bikini Bottom Liberal Party (in reality, they aren’t even close to run for legit leadership)


  • Tubby (he’s fatter than her, but she’s less psychotic)