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"Shut, the Fuck, UP!!!"
– Penn Jillette


Penn Jillette is a magician who has been in many YTPMV's for his famous quote "Shut, The Fuck, UP!!". He worked for Morshu during the golden era in Hyrule Castle. He's also a fan of Mickey Mouse and try to go to Disney World to hug him but he was kicked by the place for hug Bill Gates.


He was born in the year 1854, Penn escapes from the school to go to buy Morshu's Products and create his own product combining them but unfortunately he made a miscalculation and his house exploded killing his family but Penn survived to the brutal tragedy. Penn moved to Giygas's Lair to work as an employee but he was fired because he leave the stove on and Giygas's Lair was incinerated. Penn go into a depression that lasted years, and with the pass of the time Penn got punched a day by Satan.

Hundred years later, Penn came to give up and commit suicide in Lake Hylia but then he moved to New York and there he met The Angry Video Game Nerd, the end of all, in this work Penn doesn't end up getting fired because he worked as TV Antenna in AVGN's house. Penn is actually working is Youtube selling rotten burgers in Krab Krusty while, working for AVGN. Today, many people in internet believe he was kidnapped by aliens while he worked in Krab Krusty.





Original Penn & Teller You Need To Shut The Fuck Up ! (HQ)