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Pepe the Frog
"Feels good, man"
Origins before becoming a Meme
Originated as a Web Comic (Boy's Club)
Origin Date 2005
Origins as a Meme
Originated on 4chan
Origin Date 2008
First User Unknown
Current Applications
Presidential Campaigns
Discrimination (Information brought to you by Buzzfeed)

Pepe is a green Kekistani frog with a dark-blue shirt and orange shorts. He has black eyes and big brown lips for sucking You's cock. One of his most popular catchphrases is "Feels good man" from this comic.

Pepe's full body render


Pepe started in a Comic Book called "Boy's Club" by Matt Furie, featuring teenage monsters Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and of course, Pepe as one of the four characters. An image of Pepe stating "Feels good man" became popular on 4chan, and eventually gained several variations as the meme spread across the entire Internet.

In the media

Pepe has been used by some celebrities (particulary 'Murican, like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj). Therefore, some of the original users of Pepe have joked that he is dead, since he has been used by "normies."


  • He has two themes associated with him; Sounds of Silence and Mad World
  • His favorite food is chicken tenders, or "tendies." Many stories have been written about Pepe and his tendies.
  • Some people pronounce Pepe like Pep-eh while others like Peep, but the true pronunciation really doesn't matter.
  • His creator is Matt Furie.
  • Pepe himself is not NSFW, but he is occasionally depicted in NSFW situations, usually with Wojak.
  • CNN says he is hate speech, linked with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Rare Pepes

Rare Pepes are special and it is a blessing to have the edited versions of Pepe. Rare Pepes cost over $9000 to obtain.


"Feels good man"


"Gimme Gimme, Chicken Tenddies" 


"Ha-Ha, Great Post...Well Meme'd my friend"



On May 6, 2017, Pepe was canonically killed off[1] by Matt Furie. A displeased Kek instantly undid Pepe's death. Whether Pepe is still racist is unknown, albeit highly likely.

R.I.P. Pepe :'^(


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