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"You Son of a Bitch!"
– Peter Griffin to Chris

Peter Griffin, nominated as Man with the best Fayse 2014.

Peter Griffin is the protagonist from Family Guy. He is the smartest mentally retarded person to ever exist, having an IQ of 69. His most notable feat was killing Dora the Explorer.

In 2011, he died of an overdose of Viagra Pills and condoms while he contest in a competition against The King in which Harkinian won. Lois told him to stop, he would have stayed alive for a year until Morshu killed him with his sword on the 32nd pill. Morshu gave the corpse to Ganon, so him, King Harkinian, Impa, Link and Zelda ate his dead body. Leftovers were sent to Gamelon for Duke Onkled. He was born in 1973.

Character Info


  • Lois Griffin (When he's drunk)
  • Beer (Lots of it)
  • Brian
  • Drugs (Usually Crystal Methamphetamine)
  • Being Drunk and High
  • Unga Bunga
  • Red Bull
  • Surfin' Bird



  • He hates Fred Figglehorn because he almost assaulted him when Peter watched Fred's show.
  • Peter drinks beer nearly everyday.
  • Peter likes to throw up on people.
  • He has an evil clone named Retep
  • He beat up 20 women, and killed them.
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