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The rock farm, before its acquisition by EADS.

Pinkie's Rock Farm was a small rock farm in Ponyville, Equestria. It was acquired by EADS Astrium for its sole purpose of mining crystals for their satellites.


Pinkie's Rock Farm is described as a mining facility for crystals and rocks. It's speculated that Foxy used to masturbate here in a bathroom until Freddy (being the dick he is) burned the house with Foxy inside. Fortunately, Foxy survived.

The site was under the ownership of the Pie family until EADS acquired it for its space division, to be used as a mining facility for new satellites made by them.


  • Aperture Science got the rock from here for research purposes.
  • Unknown why, but the Saiyans also used the rock from the Farm.
  • The Farm is located near the Equestria/North Yankton border.
  • The O'Neil Brothers wanted this place, but they were killed by the Great Destroyer.
  • Atlas Corporation plans to construct a new Prison on the Farm.
  • It was originally owned by the ancestors of the Pie family.
  • Multiple wars have had battles fought here, including both YouTube Poop World Wars.
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